Thanksgiving: Shift Your Focus from Food to Thanks


Stuff yourself with thankfulness, not food this Thanksgiving. This holiday is meant to be a day dedicated to being thankful. 24 hours set aside for nothing but giving thanks for our many blessings. So…when did food become the center of attention? As I left yoga last night, the night before Thanksgiving, the teacher bid us to fill our bellies well the next day. How is it that even in this place of healing and thankfulness, food is the first thought on the mind when it comes to this holiday? Since when did Thanksgiving become synonymous with food comas?

While I’m sure many people enjoy splurging, this idea can cause stress for others such as myself.

If you’re a health conscious individual with a particular eating such as paleo or plant-based it can be hard to find food to fill our plates. We’re left with the question: Do we bring our own food? Should we take a break from our eating style? Do we go hungry?

Even if you have no particular eating restrictions, the idea of a feast can cause issues. Filling our plate to the point where it overflows and then going back for second, thirds and sometimes even fourths isn’t just normal, it’s practically expected. If you’re watching your weight this is an issue and family members aren’t always the most accommodating if you fill your plate up with salad. Sadly, instead of supporting your healthy choice they’ll talk you down and try to convince you to splurge like them.

How Come Eating Can be so Complicated?

This Thanksgiving, don’t focus on the food so much. Put the food on your plate that you want to eat. If  you want to eat the traditional meal, than eat that and then go back to normal tomorrow. If you want to stick to your habits, then talk to your hosts and work something out ahead of time so you don’t have to worry. When you’re eating, stop when you’re full. There’s nothing cool about being in a food coma. Finally, if you want dessert, go get it. Take the focus off of the food and just eat naturally.

Eat what you want to eat and stop when you’re full. Sounds simple, should be simple, keep it simple.

My Thanksgiving Experience

Years ago I used to eat a strict paleo diet. Normally I loved eating this way, but on Thanksgiving I often found myself longing for the traditional feast I’d enjoyed as a child. Despite this, I refused to let myself eat what I wanted. I’d watch the bread basket go around and restrain myself from taking one. Next, I’d see the candied yams I loved so much as a child and I wouldn’t take any. Then, I’d see the lovely expanse of pies and restrict myself to one emaciated slice, if any. Everyone else would eat their fill and be satisfied. Me? I’d be hungry almost immediately afterwards, still longing for those foods that I had denied myself.

Now-a-days I eat what I want to eat and I stop when I’m full. This leaves me satisfied and able to focus on the company of family versus dreaming about the food I wish I had eaten or feeling sick from all the food I wish I hadn’t eaten.

A Big Thank You To You

Thank you for being here and supporting me. It’s my dream to become a full-time blogger and it means the world to me that you’ve taken the time out of your day time to read these words. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with friends, family and thanks.

Much love,


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