• Gifts for Vegan Yogis

    Holiday Gift Guide: 15 Gifts for Vegan Yoga Lovers

     Do you have a vegan yogi friend or family member in your life who you need to purchase a gift for? First, know that the gift of your love is already a wondrous treat. Second, if you want to make them extra happy…perhaps slide a personalized note into the wrapping paper highlighting your favorite things about them and thanking them for who they are. A little personal touch goes a long way. Honestly, lots of people would be happy receiving just a heartfelt letter; however, giving gifts is so much fun. Seeing someone’s face light up as they rip open the wrapping paper is such a wonderful feeling. Here’s a…

  • Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving: Shift Your Focus from Food to Thanks

    Stuff yourself with thankfulness, not food this Thanksgiving. This holiday is meant to be a day dedicated to being thankful. 24 hours set aside for nothing but giving thanks for our many blessings. So…when did food become the center of attention? As I left yoga last night, the night before Thanksgiving, the teacher bid us to fill our bellies well the next day. How is it that even in this place of healing and thankfulness, food is the first thought on the mind when it comes to this holiday? Since when did Thanksgiving become synonymous with food comas? While I’m sure many people enjoy splurging, this idea can cause stress for…