• Gifts for Vegan Yogis

    Holiday Gift Guide: 15 Gifts for Vegan Yoga Lovers

     Do you have a vegan yogi friend or family member in your life who you need to purchase a gift for? First, know that the gift of your love is already a wondrous treat. Second, if you want to make them extra happy…perhaps slide a personalized note into the wrapping paper highlighting your favorite things about them and thanking them for who they are. A little personal touch goes a long way. Honestly, lots of people would be happy receiving just a heartfelt letter; however, giving gifts is so much fun. Seeing someone’s face light up as they rip open the wrapping paper is such a wonderful feeling. Here’s a…

  • Unique Gifts for Adventure Travelers

    15 Unique Gift Ideas for the Adventure Traveler

    Giving is my favorite part of Christmas. Seeing a smile light up your friend or family member’s face after they open up your present is one of my favorite feelings. If you’re like me, you probably spend lots of time searching the internet and scrolling through Christmas gift idea lists in order to find the perfect gift. While I can’t tell you what to buy for ten baby nephew, I can tell you a bit about what gifts the adventure traveler on your list might want. ‘Adventure traveler’ meaning someone who loves being outdoors and is constantly going on road trips or plane flights to new places. Aka me. So…