Practicing Self Care

Self Care: My 5 Favorite Methods for Love and Light

My 5 Favorite Self Care Methods

Self care is medicine for the soul. Self care is making love to who you are. It’s fostering a love and a light within yourself that you can open up and shine upon other people. Lift yourself up above the clutter and the mess and giving yourself a chance to experience joy and elation. Rejuvenate yourself.

Self care is a cure for many ailments. Feeling stressed? The answer is self care. Got a headache? Self care can help. In a bad mood? Practice some self care. You’re a beautiful human being, give yourself the love you deserve.

For so long I ran on autopilot, only stopping to show myself some love when I felt myself falling apart. Don’t do that. Don’t use self care as a bandaid to fix yourself just enough to keep going another day. Learn to listen to your body’s signals before you fall apart and make self care a part of your daily routine and reap the permanent benefits in your mind, body and soul. Fill yourself up with love to the point where your love bubbles over and spills onto those around you. 

Don’t get frustrated if you find you need a bit more coddling than you think you should. If you’ve been ignoring yourself all these years, you’ve got a lot of lost time to cover. Enjoy the process; self care is literally designed to be enjoyable. It should make you feel like the radiant god or goddess you are.

If you’re not sure where to start, I’ve got some recommendations. 

5 of My Favorite Self Care Methods

FYI, these are just a few of my favorites self care methods, there’s so many possibilities out there. Once you get used to the idea of self care, you may find some other methods that bring you more joy and relief than the things below. Dip your toes in and see how it feels.

1. Get Some Sun

We’ll start with what is quite possibly my favorite form of self care- sunshine.

Do you ever get that stale feeling where you feel like you’re worthless and that you’ve done nothing that day and you can’t imagine going to bed because literally the whole day has just been gray and empty? Ugh, I hate that feeling, but normally a little while in the sun fixes me right up. 

If it’s still light out, get your booty moving and get some Vitamin D.  Mother nature is so healing. My favorite ways to get sunshine are to go for a run, chill at the pool, or grab some friends to go slack-lining with. Sometimes I’ll literally find a sunny grassy area and take a lil cat nap. Try for at least fifteen minutes of full sunshine each day, but the more the merrier.

Try to get outside as soon as you wake-up as well. As soon as I wake up each morning I go outside and say hello to the sun. Let her soft rays embrace you and prepare you for the day. It doesn’t have to be a long hello, I normally go back inside after about 30 seconds. Getting sunshine first thing in the morning will help lift your mood and also help you fall asleep quicker at night.

2. Use Essential Oils

There’s an essential oil for just about anything- from stress to sore muscles. Some of my favorite essential oils are lavender, sweet orange, this stress relief blend, and this protective blend. I vary the oil depending on my mood and what energy I’m needing at the time. 

Sometimes I smell the oil or rub it on my wrists, but most often I use a diffuser. Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary by turning on a salt lamp and using a diffuser. This always helps me wind down after the day, so I can get the best sleep possible.

If you’re looking to enter into the world of diffusers and don’t know which one to get (there’s tons!), I’m currently loving my Ellia Essential Oil Diffuser. It’s remote controlled, which is awesome for when I want to turn the light off from my bed without having to get out from under the covers. I also love using some of the sound options it has during meditation.

A cheaper, but less trustworthy option, is the URPOWER Diffuser. I used to have this back in high school, but it broke after a few months so I’d only recommend it if you’re just looking to dip your toes in without investing too much.

Ellia Essential Oil Diffuser

3. Breathe

Just breath. It’s that simple. Feel the sensation of your breath entering your lungs, inflating them, and giving you power and strength. Acknowledge this miraculous body you have been given. This body that works day and night to keep you alive. Acknowledge your love, appreciation and wonder for it.

If you have more than one breath of time to spare, then begin to actively acknowledge the world around you. Pay attention to your senses, what sensations are you experiencing? Maybe close your eyes and try to focus on your other senses.

When was the last time you consciously smelled something? What sounds can you hear? What is the nearest sound? The farthest? What about touch? Right now I’m touching a metal table, but until this moment my mind barely registered the slick cool feel of it against my arms.

You get the gist. Take a breath. Center yourself within your body. And then open your senses up to embrace the world.

4. Journaling

Journaling isn’t for everyone, but it is such a great form of self care that I highly recommend it. I’ve journaled almost every other day for the past week, it’s a great form of reflection and relaxation. You don’t have to journal that often though to get the benefits- sometimes I go for a month or two without writing anything.

I currently have 5 full journals that detail my life and thoughts from when I was 16 till now. It’s so cool to read back through these and see how I’ve changed through the years. 

If you’re interested in learning how to start journaling, I’ve written an Here’s an entire blog post on how to make journaling a natural and effortless habit. Trust me, it’s possible. Journaling such a great form of stress release, making it an excellent self care option. I highly recommend giving it a shot.


5. Enjoy a Meal

When was the last time you actually sat down and enjoyed a meal? So often we eat quickly while doing a bajillion other things.

Please take the time to sit down and eat. Find some friends and family, or play some music in the background. Do not work or read while eating- before long you’ll be reaching for another bite, but the plate will be empty and you won’t know where it all went.

Savor your food. What does your food smell like? How does it taste? What different flavors do you experience? Activate your senses.

It’s amazing how when you focus on eating your food you feel so much more satisfied than if you had eaten the same quantity absentmindedly instead of consciously. Not only do you actually consciously experience the fact that you’re eating, you’re present enough to hear your body tell you when your full. The signal really does come if you’re listening for it. Previously I only realized I was full when I had stuffed myself to the point of feeling like a bloated chicken (دجاج).

You are Worthy of Love so Practice Self Care

To Sum it All Up

Wow, self care is so so important (if you didn’t realize that already). There’s so many more forms of self care- limiting myself to just five form of self care would be impossible. I practice at least 15 types of self-care on a regular basis.

You may be wondering, what else do you do for self care Kelly? Well, I have an answer. I’ve created an eBook with the rest of the self care methods that I use on a regular, almost day-to-day basis.

Get my eBook sent to you today to learn more about how to fill yourself up with love and invite joy and light into your life. You’d be amazed at the difference a lil bit of self care makes.

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And now, it’s time to take a pause…as I said above, self care is as simple as taking a step back from whatever you’re doing and remembering to breathe. Let’s take advantage of this moment.

Stop reading this article.

Take a look around you.

Feel the air filling up your lungs and giving you life.


How did it feel? 

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