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Hiya friends, how you doing? Awful? Dying? Finals week killing you? Same.  I didn’t want to study for my Econometrics exam tomorrow so instead, I stalked my old blog and found this old gem of a post that I created way back when I was a freshman living in the dorm. I decided it was too ridiculous not to share it with you, so if you’re trying to procrastinate like I was, take the quiz below and see how much of a college fitaholic you are. 

Cute Kitty Fitaholic

Fitaholic: noun, a wild nugget who is 100% obsessed with fitness and living a healthy active lifestyle.

~Merriam Webster Dictionary (just kidding I made that up)

The College Fitaholic Quiz

So to take the quiz, tally up how many of these 15 fitaholic statements sounds like you and then check to see how you tally up at the end. Also, I do not intend to offend anyone with this quiz, it’s merely supposed to be comical. If something offends you, please let me know and I will do my best to make amends

1. Brought an avocado to the dining hall.

No meal is complete without an avocado. Especially salads. So if the dining won’t provide them, then we will. If you don’t eat at the dining hall, feel free to count this one if you’re low key obsessed with avocados.

2. Had an obsession with peanut butter.

Do I even need to explain? We all love peanut butter. There’s so many Instagram accounts that have peanut butter in their name. @eating_peanut_butter and @powerdbypeanutbutter are two of my favs.

3. Wondered why it took our friends 4 hours to respond the text we sent that morning. Then realized not everyone wakes up at 6 to workout.

We love sleep. But we also love working out. Sadly, for many of us early mornings are the best/only time we can.We forget others don’t live the same lifestyle. 

4. Resisted ordering takeout.

Or given in and ordered some. We try to eat healthy, but it’s hard when friends don’t. And cooking food takes time+effort.

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5. Passed on the can of beer.

Beer gut? No thanks. There’s an average of 150 calories in a single can. That’s 150 calories that we don’t need. Sticking to no nonsense shots and light mixed drinks like vodka water limes are the way to go. That’s if you don’t end up in the gym on Friday night, which is possible.

5. Worked out in your room.

We’ve all done it. Sometimes you just cant find the time to make it to the gym. Or maybe it’s -5 degrees outside and you don’t want to walk. Whatever the reason, we all have found ourselves working out in our room one time or another.

It’s funny when your roommate walks in to find you lying on the ground doing planks.

7. Carried a water bottle everywhere.

Our water bottle is like our best friend. It never leaves our side. Hydrate or dydrate friends.

8. Struggled to avoid all of the free junk food offered on campus. Why don’t clubs give out healthy food instead?

Free pizza on the quad? #avoid. This is a pet peeve of mine. If the freshman 15 is such a big problem, why do colleges offer so much free junk food? I wish clubs gave out healthy food instead of pizza and cupcakes. Shout out to clubs like Raw FSU who gave out sweet potato fries during their first meeting. We need more positive examples like them.

9. Taken a picture of our insta-worthy smoothie bowl.

Confession time: I’ve never made a smoothie bowl. I’m more of a yogurt bowl person.

Did I mention how much we love peanut butter?^

10. Spent an entire Sunday meal prepping.

Good food takes time. It’s easier to eat healthy during the week if the foods already prepared and in the fridge.

11. Eaten dark chocolate, fruit and protein bars as dessert.

If something is healthy, can it still be considered dessert? For us, the answer is yes. They satisfy our sweet tooth and help fuel or body. Win-win.

Personally I don’t eat protein bars. I try to avoid everything processed.

12. “Borrowed” food from the dining hall.

We make the most out of our meal plans. From loading our to-go boxes to stuffing our backpacks with fruit. Sometimes we’re even known smuggle things out in Tupperware.

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13. Grabbed some quick overnight oats before your 8 am.

My new obsession😍 They taste so good. It’s hard to wait until the morning to eat them. There’s so many fun varieties- from simple banana and PB to turmeric golden milk.

14. Been told “You’re so healthy, I wish I could eat like that” by friends.

We all have those friends who see us eating healthy, working out, etc and saying they wish they could live like that. But then they do nothing. I want to show them that they can! It’s possible. Yes, it’s hard to live healthy, but anyone can do it. And it’s so worth it. We need to help motivate each other.

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15. Realized the true meaning on #treatyoself.

We feel great because we give our body the food, sleep, and training it needs to function. Yes, we may still wake up groggy some mornings but on the whole our body thanks us for what we do.

Fitaholics Quiz Results 

So… how many of those above statements did you relate to?

Less than 5: “What do you mean these leggings were made for the gym? Nah, this is my Netflix outfit.”

Hup to it friend! Staying active and healthy is one of the keys to happiness, I swear it. 

Sorry, Not a Fitaholic

5 to 10: “Man, have you seen my two pack? Like, I think it’s really starting to get defined.”

Proud of you. You don’t have to be a fitaholic to be healthy and active. That type of lifestyle and mentally isn’t sustainable for most. It’s better to stick to a few healthy habits for a short period of time than to go all in and burn out. Slow and steady wins the race in this case.

A Wannabe Fitaholic

More than 10: Yes, you’re really killing it #dedicated. Keep crushing those goals and make it happen.

But take care to make sure you don’t burn out! Remember to get plenty of rest and practice good restorative self care (click here for some fun relaxing ideas).

Almost a Fitaholic

15: Is there a fitaholics anonymous group near you? Cause you’re addicted (congrats).

Yikes, wow. I wasn’t even on this level two years ago at the peak of my fitness craze. Impressive. Please, shoot me an email and tell me how you maintain this level of fitaholic awesomeness.

A True Fitaholic Kangaroo

Until next time my fitaholic foodie friends,


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P.S. If you’re still trying to procrastinate, check out to see my first attempt at blogging. 

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