Gifts for Vegan Yogis

Holiday Gift Guide: 15 Gifts for Vegan Yoga Lovers

15 Unique Gifts for Vegan Yoga-Lovers

 Do you have a vegan yogi friend or family member in your life who you need to purchase a gift for? First, know that the gift of your love is already a wondrous treat. Second, if you want to make them extra happy…perhaps slide a personalized note into the wrapping paper highlighting your favorite things about them and thanking them for who they are. A little personal touch goes a long way. Honestly, lots of people would be happy receiving just a heartfelt letter; however, giving gifts is so much fun. Seeing someone’s face light up as they rip open the wrapping paper is such a wonderful feeling. Here’s some gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to the vegan yogi in your life: 

14 Unique Gifts for a Vegan Yogi

Each of these products has been selected after careful consideration by a true vegan yogi- aka me. Many are things I use and love on a daily basis. Others are things that have made it onto my Christmas list for this year. Click on the underlined product title or product picture to shop. 

$15 and Under

Vegan Kale Dark Chocolate Bar

Vegan Kale Dark Chocolate Bar -$10

Kale and chocolate? How could life get any better? The perfect stocking stuffer or small secret santa gift for your vegan friend. They won’t feel guilty while enjoying this delicious treat. It’ll help ward off all those pounds of Christmas cookies.

Portable Reusable Straw

Reusable and Portable Straw– $10

Pair this with a NutriBullet and a Yeti cup for the ultimate vegan smoothie starter kit. Or just give it on it’s own. We’ve all heard how bad straws are for the environment, so help your friend save the sea turtles with this gift.

Journey to the Heart: Daily Meditations on the Path to Freeing Your Soul

Daily Meditation Guide– $13

The yoga teachers at my favorite studio read passages from this book during shavasana. Reading from this mediation guide is one of my favorite self care methods. Your yogi friend will love keeping it by their bedside table and reading the daily meditation each morning after waking up. 


Cute Plants– $14

Bring the outdoors in. Spending time in nature is another brilliant self care method, but sometimes we don’t have time for a walk. Having houseplants is a wonderful alternative. Being a plant momma is so fulfilling. Give your vegan yogi friend the gift of 5 succulents for less than $15. These plants are some of the cutest and most low-maintenence available.

$25 and Under

Activated Charcoal

Food Grade Activated Charcoal– $18

Charcoal is a powerful detox when added to smoothies and other drinks. Tell your friend to add a teaspoon to some lemon water in the morning to help boost their immune system this winter season. It’s also wonderful for helping to cure hangovers, if they’re into that.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp– $20

My favorite Christmas present from last year. These lamps release negative ions into the air which can help boost your mood, improve sleep and reduce stress. Turn it on while practicing yoga, eating, reading, writing, or basically anything. I highly recommend this as a gift for any vegan yogi. Or anyone honestly.

Essential Oil Starter Kit

Essential Oil Starter Kit– $25

If your vegan yogi friend doesn’t have many essential oils yet, you absolutely must get them this kit. Essential oils will rock their world. The benefits are endless. Pair this kit with a diffuser for even more awesomeness.

Personalized Journal

Personalized Journal– $25

Journaling is such a beautiful form of self care. Even if they don’t find joy in keeping a journal, it’s still a lovely notebook to jot ideas and to-do lists in- things that they may also want to look back and reminisce on one day. 

$35 and Under

Rose Quartz Necklace

Rose Quartz Necklace– $28

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. On this special day, give the gift of your love with one of these precious necklaces. If these exact necklaces have sold out by the time you go shopping, there’s lots of other lovely necklaces in Wanderlust Ware’s Etsy shop.

Zafu Meditation Pillow

Zafu Meditation Pillow– $30

Meditation is one of the best sources of self-improvement out there, but it can be so darn uncomfortable. Not even 10 seconds will have gone by and already our backs are stiff and our feet are asleep. This zafu pillow helps beginners and experienced meditators alike find comfort and proper alignment.  Help your yogi friend deepen his or her practice with this gift.

YETI Rambler

YETI Rambler– $30

Pair this with a NutriBullet and a reusable straw for the perfect vegan smoothie starter kit. Or just gift it on it’s own. This thing keeps my smoothies in smoothie form for hours despite sitting out in the hot Florida sun. Your friend doesn’t realize what they’re missing out on. This is a gift hey might not buy fro themselves, but they’ll be sure glad to have it once they see the difference.

$50 and Under

Give Your Vegan Yogi Friend the Gift of a Kombucha Brew Kit

Kombucha Brew Kit- $49

Brewing kombucha is a fascinating process. It’s also incredibly simple and cheap once you have the stuff to start. A bottle of brew costs a hefty 4 or so dollars a pop. Yikes. Save your friend a ton of money and give them the joy of brewing their own golden juice with this gift. 

Gift a Massage to the Vegan Yogi in Your Life

Massage~ $50

Yum. Spoil the vegan yogi in your life with this gift. Let the stress just melt off their body. Check out Groupon to find some solid deals in your area.

NutriBullet Blender

NutriBullet– $50

Green smoothies are a vegan’s best friend. After my parents gave me the gift of a NutriBullet I became addicted. The Bullet’s blender cups are sized so that they make exactly one smoothie. It’s easy to clean and hassle-free. Pair this with a Yeti cup and a reusable straw for the ultimate vegan smoothie starter kit.

$100 and Under

Eco Travel Yoga Mat

Eco Travel Yoga Mat– $58

An obvious gift for a yogi would be a new yoga mat, but what if they already have one that works perfectly well? Normal yoga mats are a bear to take with you while traveling and even just in day-to-day life. This mat easily folds up to fit in a tote, fitness bag or suitcase. 

Outdoor Voices Yoga Set

Outdoor Voices #DoingThings Outfit– $95

We vegan yogis are huge fans of #doingthings, something that the brand Outdoor Voices supports. Help save the planet? Check. Bend our bodies into pretzels? Check. Do it all in the best active wear around? With this gift, check. Started in Austin and quickly spreading throughout the world, Outdoor Voices is the brand to wear.

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15 Unique Gifts for Vegan Yoga-Lovers

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