Restaurant Reviews for Healthy Eaters

Do you ever get sick of eating unhealthy meal after unhealthy meal while traveling? Do you ever just want some vegetables? Something crisp, colorful, and fresh?


But eating out and eating healthy normally don’t go together very well. I’ve spent hours browsing through yelp’s restaurant reviews trying to find somewhere healthy to eat when traveling. Fortunately, I normally succeed (which shows it is possible), but it takes a lot of work. Too much work.

Here you won’t find ordinary restaurant reviews. You’ll find reviews specifically catering to healthy eaters. I’ll be covering what are your healthiest options for getting the food you want where you want it. Expect to see reviews from restaurants in Panama, Costa Rica, Maryland, Washington D.C., Florida and a variety from across mid-west America in the coming months.

Some questions my restaurant reviews will answer are:
  • How easy is it to eat healthy at the restaurant?
  • Are there vegetables on the menu?
  • Can you substitute vegetables or a salad for chips or fries?
  • Are there options that aren’t fried or smothered in grease or sauce?
  • If the food isn’t not healthy, is it so good that it’s worth the splurge?

Click the here to check out my first review of Panama City’s Segundo Muelle!

Segundo Muelle Review