• Fitaholic

    Are You a College Fitaholic Quiz

    Hiya friends, how you doing? Awful? Dying? Finals week killing you? Same.  I didn’t want to study for my Econometrics exam tomorrow so instead, I stalked my old blog and found this old gem of a post that I created way back when I was a freshman living in the dorm. I decided it was too ridiculous not to share it with you, so if you’re trying to procrastinate like I was, take the quiz below and see how much of a college fitaholic you are.  Fitaholic: noun, a wild nugget who is 100% obsessed with fitness and living a healthy active lifestyle. ~Merriam Webster Dictionary (just kidding I made…

  • Get Back on Track and Make it Happen

    Get Back on Track and Accomplish Your Goals

    It’s easy to start off strong. In the beginning we’re fueled by the sparks of inspiration that motivated us to begin the project. But what happens when these initial sparks die down? Will they have been strong enough to create a sustainable fire? Strong enough to withstand the winds of life that come to blow us off-track? It’s easy to set aside a new project until “tomorrow” when we have more time and are less stressed, but often one day turns into two, two into three, and so on. After weeks of doing nothing, how can we get back on track? The short answer: Just do it.  The long answer:…

  • Gifts for Vegan Yogis

    Holiday Gift Guide: 15 Gifts for Vegan Yoga Lovers

     Do you have a vegan yogi friend or family member in your life who you need to purchase a gift for? First, know that the gift of your love is already a wondrous treat. Second, if you want to make them extra happy…perhaps slide a personalized note into the wrapping paper highlighting your favorite things about them and thanking them for who they are. A little personal touch goes a long way. Honestly, lots of people would be happy receiving just a heartfelt letter; however, giving gifts is so much fun. Seeing someone’s face light up as they rip open the wrapping paper is such a wonderful feeling. Here’s a…

  • Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving: Shift Your Focus from Food to Thanks

    Stuff yourself with thankfulness, not food this Thanksgiving. This holiday is meant to be a day dedicated to being thankful. 24 hours set aside for nothing but giving thanks for our many blessings. So…when did food become the center of attention? As I left yoga last night, the night before Thanksgiving, the teacher bid us to fill our bellies well the next day. How is it that even in this place of healing and thankfulness, food is the first thought on the mind when it comes to this holiday? Since when did Thanksgiving become synonymous with food comas? While I’m sure many people enjoy splurging, this idea can cause stress for…

  • Practicing Self Care

    Self Care: My 5 Favorite Methods for Love and Light

    Self care is medicine for the soul. Self care is making love to who you are. It’s fostering a love and a light within yourself that you can open up and shine upon other people. Lift yourself up above the clutter and the mess and giving yourself a chance to experience joy and elation. Rejuvenate yourself. Self care is a cure for many ailments. Feeling stressed? The answer is self care. Got a headache? Self care can help. In a bad mood? Practice some self care. You’re a beautiful human being, give yourself the love you deserve. For so long I ran on autopilot, only stopping to show myself some…

  • Make Journaling a Habit

    How to Journal: 5 Ways to Start Journaling Naturally

    “I have no idea how to start journaling. I’ve tried, but I look at the empty page in front of me and I have no idea what to write.” Does this sound like you? A relative of mine made this comment to me the other day while we were talking about journaling. She wishes she could start the a habit of writing in a journal- she’s read about all of the benefits of journaling and knows numerous people who love it. Despite this, whenever she’s tried it always feels silly and awkward. She has to force the words out. This is for your Aunt Annie. I’ve found there’s three groups…

  • Preventing College Burnout

    5 Tips to Prevent College Burnout

    Are you a motivated student who’s ready to have your best semester yet? Are you eager to meet lots of new people and join a variety of different organizations? Do you plan to pursue success and take advantage of every opportunity given to you? If yes, then this article is for you. Even the best of intentions can lead you down the wrong road. Be careful, or you could find yourself experiencing stress, becoming overwhelmed, and, eventually, college burnout. What is College Burnout? College burnout is emotional, physical and mental exhaustion that is caused by ongoing stress. Students who are experiencing college burnout often feel overwhelmed and unable to meet…