Healthy living and international adventuring?

Put those together and what do you get?

The Primal Nomad!

Aka me, Kelly Foulk.

Eating whole natural foods and working out are important parts of my life. I eat a whole foods, largely plant based diet. I’m not quite vegetarian, but I keep the meat down to about one meal a day. I focus on veggies, veggies, and more veggies. Plus some whole grains. As little processed food as possible.

But I still eat out, enjoy my ice cream, etc. I’m just
healthy most of the time.

I also love working out. I started in the gym with the free weights, but now my workouts focus on yoga, running and body-weight workouts. Things that are easy to keep up while on the go.

Which is important because I love traveling and exploring.

Doesn’t matter if it’s hiking through the Panamanian jungle or enjoying a cute cafe in Washington DC, I’m down.

Buttttttt…while city days are great, when it comes down to it, I’d pick adventure every time.  Travel is always better when skiing, hiking, climbing white water rafting, horse-back riding, etc. are included.

When is a good time to travel? There’s always some reason why now is not a good time. This past winter, I finally said enough is enough. I’m not putting travel off anymore. I signed up to study abroad, and within two weeks I found myself getting off a plan in Panama. My mom was happy, I’d gotten studying abroad out of the way early so I could focus on my studies for the next three years. Yet Panama is just the beginning.