Unique Gifts for Adventure Travelers

15 Unique Gift Ideas for the Adventure Traveler

Giving is my favorite part of Christmas. Seeing a smile light up your friend or family member’s face after they open up your present is one of my favorite feelings. If you’re like me, you probably spend lots of time searching the internet and scrolling through Christmas gift idea lists in order to find the perfect gift.

While I can’t tell you what to buy for ten baby nephew, I can tell you a bit about what gifts the adventure traveler on your list might want. ‘Adventure traveler’ meaning someone who loves being outdoors and is constantly going on road trips or plane flights to new places. Aka me.

So if you’re stuck on a present, here’s some ideas:

15 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for the Adventure Traveler

Gifts are grouped according to price and listed from least to most expensive. These are all products my friends or I own and love, or that I wish I own.

Under $10

Jump Rope

A Real Jump Rope- $9

Mind-blowing right? But actually, jump roping is a great way to stay in shape that takes up hardly any room in your gym bag or suitcase. It’s a great warmup for any workout that keeps you light on your toes and ready for action. Your friend can throw it in their carry-on next time they leave for an adventure.

Under $30

BUFF Headware

BUFF Original Multifunctional Headware- $20

There are thirteen different ways to wear a BUFF (peep the link above to find out how). They’re perfect for skiing, hiking, taking to music festivals and more. Very versatile and always a useful thing to have.

L.L.Bean Rag Wool Hat

L.L.Bean Rag Wool Hat- $25

In this season, if your loved one will be heading anywhere chilly they’ll want a beanie. My beanie is such a blessing both on cold plane flights and while camping in the mountains. Get a beanie from their favorite coffee shop or local hangout for a personal touch.

Cast Iron Tea Pot- $25

Hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate is the perfect way to start any day out in the wilderness. This kettle is a no-hassle way to heat the water up right over the campfire; the cast iron is safe for putting directly on the logs. It’s also convenient for heating up water for ramen, oatmeal and other camp foods.

Explorer Journal

Explorer Journal- $36

Journaling is food for the soul (find out how to journal here). Give the Christmas gift of reflection and inspiration with this explorer journal, complete with five different world maps. Each one is unique.

Day Pass and Shoe Rentals at a Local Rock Gym

Show them that adventure can often be found in their own city. Most adventure junkies would love the challenge of rock climbing. Prices for a day pass and shoe rentals range from $10-30. If they’re already addicted to rock climbing, perhaps consider buying them a few months of membership as a gift. 

Under $40

Alpaca Socks

Alpaca Socks- $30

The warmest snuggliest socks known to mankind. Treat your tootsies right and show them some love with these socks. On a cold winter night, whether in a cabin or a tent, any traveler would be thankful to have a pair of these.

Black Diamond Iota Headlamp

Black Diamond Iota Headlamp- $32

A solid headlamp is a blessing to have and annoying to buy. I put off getting one of these for so long, but now that I have one it’s so nice. No more setting up tents in the dark and using a phone light for late night hikes. Expect a random text of thanks later down the line if you get this gift for your friend.

Portable Solar Charger

Portable Solar Charger- $38

For days-long treks, it’s nice to have a working phone in case of emergencies (or for hunting down the best restaurant when you finally stumble upon a town). There’s no outlets in the wilderness, so they’ll have to bring their own. Countless times I’ve wished I had one of these.

JBL Clip 2

JBL Clip 2- $38

Let their sound keep them company. They can clip this portable little bluetooth speaker onto their backpack or pant loop and bring it along wherever they go. The sound quality is awesome for its size and it’s waterproof.

Under $60

Frankincense Essential Oil Roll-on

doTERRA Frankincense Essential Oil Roll-on- $54

Frankincense is the ideal Christmas gift for the adventure traveler in your life. It helps reduce anxiety and stress, boosts their immune system, eases digestions, soothes pain, and acts as a sleep aid. All issues that a traveler often struggles with. Plus it smells wonderful.

Slackline Kit

Slackline Kit- $56

A fun way to get outside and have fun. Ideal for bringing on car camping trips or for setting up in the backyard for whenever your friend wants a touch of adventure. Eventually you may find them slacking across the Grand Canyon.

Eco Travel Yoga Mat

Eco Travel Yoga Mat- $58

Yoga mats are a bear to take with you while traveling and even just in day-to-day life. This mat easily folds up to fit in a tote, fitness bag or suitcase.

Under $125

Wireless Earbuds

Jabra Elite 65t Wireless Earbuds- $120

Wires are annoying when working out, moving around in places, etc. It’s a constant struggle to avoid yanking your earbuds out. Save your friend the trouble (and let them enjoy the better sound quality) with these. 

Women's Hiking Boots

Vasque Talus Mid UltraDry Women’s Hiking Boots- $124

My favorite hiking boots are now in the outlet section of REI (aka take $40 off)! These babies have kept my feet happy both in the hot deserts of Arizona and the cold mountains of Alabama. I’d recommend them any day. 

A quality hiking boot is a game changer, but make sure your gift is exchangeable because everyone’s foot is different and what works for one person might be totally uncomfortable to another.

Under $200

Tandem Sky Dive

Give them a gift they’ll never forget- a tandem sky dive. Any adventurer would kill for this experience (so long as they’re not deathly afraid of heights). Shop around for a discount, prices can drop as low as $139 during the holiday season.

Under $400

DJI Spark Drone

DJI Spark Drone- $359

There’s no better way to capture footage of an adventure than with a drone. Help the adventure traveler in your life level up their video and photo game with the DJI Spark, known for having the best quality for the lowest price.

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